Pharmacy located in Nadi town, western division of Fiji Islands, located in medical clinic and centre and also in town for shopping. Near Nadi International Airport in the jetset hub of Fiji Islands. We provide prescription services, medications over the counter, pharmacist counselling, general pharmacy services, diagnostic services, for blood glucose and blood pressure test while you wait for your prescriptions. We have cosmetics, toys, hygiene products, feminine range, analgesics, cold and flu ranges, eye products, ear products, hair products, vitamins and supplements all available for your convenience. We have a very talented team of pharmacy trained staff who will provide you with the best and reliable advice and products that will suit your budget fully. You can be sure that the reliance on your friendly pharmacy team will only improve your health and make it rite. The lines of products were very competitively priced. We maintain our priceline so you can maintain your reliance on your island friendly chemist and always be within your budget. Best range, best prices, best customer service, keeping your health first in the jet set town of Nadi in Fiji Islands, the friendly Pacific hub of the world.
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