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Wound care - A Quick Read

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Had a wound injury recently?
Want to take care of it but not sure how?

What is a wound?
  • injury that results in internal tissue getting externally exposed.

  • Broadly 2 types:
    • open
      • Abrasion wounds - like a scrape from falling
      • Laceration - like a cut from a blade or machine
      • Avulsion - like skin tearing away from animal attacks or accidents
      • Puncture - like needle or bullet injury
      • Incision - like from broken glass 
    • closed
      • tissue damage and bleeding under the skin like bruises.

  • Bleeding control priority if bleeding is involved.
  • Clean the wound
  • Apply antibiotics or antiseptics *
  • Apply dressing depending on wound
    • waterproof bandages
    • gauze bandages
    • antibiotic infused bandages
    • skin tapes
    • adhesive bandages
  • Regular cleaning and changing dressing
  • Can use medication to help relieve pain

Lifestyle Adaptations and options
  • keep the wounds well sanitized
  • regular cleaning and changing of dressing
  • Home remedy may include:
    •  tumeric application
    • Aloe vera application
    • Coconut oil application

  • Infections if left untreated
    • can cause swelling
    • severe pain
    • discharge
    • fever
    • foul odor
  • Prone to Tetanus from skin opening resulting from the wound
  • Chronic wound
    • may be result of weak immune system
    • underlying disease conditions like diabetes can result in amputation if becomes unmanageable.

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