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Dry Skin - A Quick Read

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What is dry skin?
  • is lack of the appropriate amount of moisture in the uppermost layer of the skin.

Appearance and Symptoms
  • feeling that skin is tightening
  • itching
  • flaking and peeling of the skin
  • cracks and fine lines on the skin
  • grayed skin
  • bleeding from the cracks on the skin
  • skin may appear red in areas
  • rough dry skin
  • lower legs, arms and hands are most commonly affected.

When and who are at risk
  • can be temporary and weather dependent to anyone
  • people over 40 years of age are more prone
  • swimmers susceptible with exposure to chlorine in pools

  • genetic condition like ichthyosis
  • environmental factors
  • other skin conditions like psoriasis
  • over washing with harsh soaps
  • over using sanitisers

Trigger factors
  • hot or cold weather
  • low humidity
  • soaking in hot water
Lifestyle Adaptations
  • using moisturisers freely
  • avoiding harsh and drying soaps
  • use fragrance free detergents
  • avoid wool or other skin irritating fabrics
  • Reduce use of bath sponges, scrub brushes and washcloths or use it lightly if using.
  • Use towel gently or preferable pat dry when drying the skin, do not rub with the towel to wipe
  • Avoid scratching on the itchy areas..

Treatment Options
  • mild-moderate steroid creams depending on severity.
  • lactic acid preparations for severe conditions
  • limit water exposure and hot baths
  • use moisturising soaps or soap substitutes
  • use creams and emollients for moisturising the skin
  • anti-histamines to control itching
  • always use sunscreen as much as possible when going outside.

  • eczema
  • infections

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