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Age Spots - A Quick Read

Got small dark areas on your skin?
Mostly affecting skin on your face or hands?

What is age spots?
  • excessive pigmentation of skin in a localised area
Appearance and symptoms:
  • small darkened areas on sun exposed skin
  • can vary in size and color from tanned to brown to black
  • are usually flat ; not raised
  • face
  • back of the hands and forearm
  • top of feet
  • exposed shoulders
  • Skin aging
  • Sun exposure
  • UV light exposure

Affected group:
  • usually people over 40
  • lighter skinned people
  • skin lighteners (ask your pharmacist)
  • steroidal creams
  • aloe vera creams
  • vitamin E creams
  • other preparations suggested by your healthcare provider
  • Sun-screen
  • covering skin with long clothing
  • refraining UV beds
  • lip-balms with SPF

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