Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) - A Quick Read

Having red eyes recently?
Most people around you having the same?

What is conjunctivitis?
  • inflammation of the clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye and lines the inner eyelids.

Types of conjunctivitis
  • viral
  • bacterial
  • allergic
  • opthalmia neonatorum (newborn)
  • giatn papillary

Appearance and symptoms
Depending on the cause can include the following:
  • teary and watery discharge
  • may get swollen lymph nodes near the jawbone
  • lot of pus and mucus production
  • itchy and redness with or without runny nose
  • yellowish or greenish discharge
  • burning eyes
  • blurred vision

  • highly contagious infection caused by viruses or bacteria.
  • irritants in personal products like shampoo can also cause it to happen.
  • allergic reaction to eye products including contact lenses or environmental.
  • sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia can also cause it.
  • normal delivery for newborns to mothers who have chlamydia or gonorrhoea while delivery.

Affected Groups
  • children most easily affected but can affect any age group.
  • anyone coming in contact with an infected conjunctivitis patient.

Depending on the cause, either of the following:
  • eye drops
  • eye oitnment
  • oral medication
  • artifical tears

Prevention and lifestyle adaptations
  • keep hands clean if can not avoid touching the eyes
  • keep the eyes clean
  • change or clean pillow case
  • don't touch the eye while infected
  • don't share eye products
  • use warm compress

  • Vision loss if untreated
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