Eye Irritation - A Quick Read

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Feeling something is not quite right with the eye?
The eyes are more itchy or teary than usual?

What is Eye Irritation?
  • generally refers to something that may be bothering the eye.

Signs and Symptoms:
  • Itchy eye
  • watery eyes
  • red eyes
  • light sensitivity
  • blurry vision
  • grainy feeling

  • Allergy
    • pollen
    • dust
    • pet dander
  • Irritants
    • smoke
    • chemical vapors
    • dust
  • Foreign bodies
    • loose eye lash
    • pieces of glass 
  • Eye strain
    • overuse with digital devices
  • Dry eyes
    • wind exposure
    • dehydration
    • medication
  • Eye infections
    • bacterial 
    • viral
    • fungal

  • Anti-histamine for eye allergy
  • Washing the eyes thoroughly to clear the irritant.
  • Artificial tear drops
  • Eye wash and eye baths.

Lifestyle Adaptations
  • Ample rest for the eyes with breaks in between focusing on items that are not nearby.
  • Using appropriate sunglasses to avoid strain and drying.
  • Using eye glasses to avoid eye strain.
  • Keeping proper hygiene and not touching the eye with unclean hands.

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