Constipation - A Quick Read

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Having fewer bowel movements than before?
Straining to pass hard or small stools recently?

What is constipation?
  • bowel movements are infrequent and irregular.
  • hard stool difficult to pass

Signs and Symptoms
  • fewer bowel movements than usual.
  • stool is hard and small and causes strain to pass.
  • feeling remains of the stool even after passing.
  • bloating and nausea
  • stomach ache and cramps
  • loss of appetite

  • dietery changes
  • activity changes or lack of activity
  • lifestyle changes
  • not relieving when bowel movement urges are felt.
  • stress factors
  • medication side effects
  • dehydrated
  • pregnancy
  • aging
  • laxative abuse

Affected and risk groups
  • patients on antacids or calcium or aluminum medications
  • digestive disorder patients
  • sedantary lifestyle
  • People with eating disorders

  • Fibre supplements like Fybogel
  • Stimulant Laxatives like Bisacodyl
  • Stool softeners like Coloxyl
  • Osmotic laxatives like sorbitol

  • Dietery changes to introduce more well balanced diet
  • Keep moderate levels of hydration
  • Keep moderate levels of activity on a daily basis

Lifestyle Adaptations
  • increase water intake unless advised otherwise by your doctor.
  • increase fibre and fruits in the diet
  • incorporate more exercise in the daily routine
  • empty the bowel when feel the urge to.
  • reduce caffeine intake
  • reduce milk intake
Complications and urgent medical advice when:
  • blood in stool
  • severe pain with bowel activity
  • constipated for more than one week
  • the stool appearance has changed

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